Equine Collection - Quarter Horse Mare #8408

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ORIGINS: United States. This the first breed to be fully developed and established in the U.S.

BREED PROFILE: The Quarter Horse is traced back to the Spanish Conquistadors who brought Iberian and Oriental horses to Florida. These horses were later crossed with English horses, mainly Thoroughbreds by the early settlers. The name comes from the breeds’ ability to sprint short distances over a quarter of a mile. They have powerful hindquarters and are used for racing, riding, pulling wagons and rounding up cattle, where many showed an amazing amount of natural “cow sense”. Today this horse does extremely well at many equestrian disciplines. It excels in the area of cattle work. They’re excellent trail and family horses and one of the most beloved breeds.

CHARACTERISTICS: A fine muscular appearance. Quick and agile with a willing temperament. Easy to maintain and possesses great athletic ability. They are generally calm and easy to work with.

14" L

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  • Model: 8408
  • Manufactured by: Starlight Originals

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